Ever wish there was a marketplace just for hospitality?
We did too. That’s why we created HospoHawker.

HospoHawker is Australia’s only dedicated hospitality marketplace where you can buy and sell virtually anything for the hospitality industry including new, used and unneeded items.

Founded by Kelly & Alex Brawn, co-owners of Melbourne’s Sebastian Restaurant in Williamstown, HospoHawker will fill a gap in the market. “While planning, launching and then running our restaurant, Sebastian, I was surprised to find that there was no single location where a restaurant could buy equipment and furniture or find services to get the business off the ground” comments Alex. “It was only through pure luck that I eventually stumbled on some great suppliers and service providers. I remember thinking ‘surely there is a better way to do this?’.” When COVID-19 hit and forced mass closures across the country, Alex, like many others in the industry, needed to evolve and find a new way to trade and keep his team employed. Looking for different ways to pivot the business, he knew that switching out equipment would be necessary to make it work. After days spent trawling sites and getting quotes, it became obvious that the hospitality supply market was very fragmented and it proved to be a tedious process to, for example, compare, quote and buy a large baker’s mixer and sell the smaller one. The seed of HospoHawker was sown!

A rapidly changing Hospitality environment means we, and many others we know, need a solution to sell unneeded assets and then easily buy what we need for our businesses to pivot and grow.

Our aim to bring together our hospitality business community, matched with excellent retailers, suppliers large and small, and service providers to get everything you need in one place. It is a time poor industry, meaning we need a modern and efficient marketplace to do business.